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Hope Clubs (Children Ministry) Teen Clubs (Teenagers Ministry)

Our Hope Clubs are established in Africa with trained, local leadership teams that are there to oversee and sustain the clubs.  Nearly half of the population in Africa is comprise of youth under the age of 20.  Africa’s youth population (15-24 years of age) will rise from 133 million in 2000 to 246 million by 2020!  In our founder’s home country of Togo, Africa, 41% of the population is under the age of 14.  Many of these youth struggle because their futures seem hopeless as they are bombarded with a multitude of challenges.  The Hope Clubs are there to help and inspire the youth to see a brighter future.

Hope Teen Clubs: Transforming Lives and Raising Future Leaders

Our mission is to disciple children and transform their lives through biblical education, protecting them from the dangers of cults and raising up a new generation of God-fearing leaders. We aim to grow participants into local missionaries who will plant additional clubs not only in Togo but also in other countries.

We believe that education is crucial in empowering the youth, and that's why we also provide clothes and school supplies for those in need. With your help, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of these children and teenagers. Join us in our mission to create a better future for the youth and communities we serve.

Mission and Goals of Hope Teen Clubs:
  • Discipleship through ministry to children.

  • Transformation through biblical education.

  • Protect children from being recruited by cults.

  • Raise up a new generation of God-fearing leaders.

  • Grow participants into local missionaries to plant additional clubs in Togo and other countries.

  • Helping to provide clothes and school supplies.

Ways You Can Help Our Hope Club Kid:

Help Change Lives and Make a Difference Today!

Many families in Africa are unable to afford school expenses for their children, making education a luxury for many. But you can help change that! By providing scholarships, you can help children receive an education and unlock their potential for a brighter future.

In addition, you can make an even greater impact by adopting an existing Hope Club or sponsoring a new one. Your generous donation can provide much-needed resources and support to these clubs, which serve as a lifeline for many children and families.

Don't wait to make a difference - act now and help change lives through education and community support. Join us in our mission to bring hope and empowerment to those in need.

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