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The team and volunteers in Togo emphasize the importance of serving the needy by not only providing aid but also through discipleship to instill hope. HCI Togo aims to bring good news and create sustainable development by focusing on the discipleship of youth and children and partnering with ministries to provide hands-on resources and opportunities. Their goal is to promote social and educational advancement for children, young people, and their communities through social initiatives and projects.

Espoir International association has been registered As a branch of HCI in Togo since 2008 to improve the living conditions of African populations, particularly the Togolese, by promoting community development and organizing various educational, health, and charitable activities. HCI Togo assists in the social promotion of children, young people, and their communities while also teaching them to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, and minds, as well as to love their neighbors as themselves, as stated in Mark 12:30-31.

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