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About Us

Evangelism and Church Planting

Our vision is to see a great harvest of souls through Togo's church planting and evangelism ministry. We hope this will lead to a large harvest of souls. We have the vision to see the church grow and thrive in Africa and bring many people to Christ.

Our Story

One night we projected a gospel film and many people came to Christ as a result; it was powerful. After the film, people did not want to go back. They preferred to stay there all night even though we watched two movies every night. We did three days of evangelism in these areas and around 60 souls received Christ openly during the mission. It was not easy to preach to people stuck from childhood to demons and idolatry, but Jesus did. Among the new converts who came into the church on Sunday, a lady called "Akos" had a severe headache and stomachache. She started vomiting during the service, and the pastor approached us for money to get some drugs for her.  we replied instead, "Let us pray first." For we realized that devil planned to disturb us. we had a revelation on this situation a day earlier. By the grace of God, when we laid my hand on her in three seconds, she received miraculous healing immediately and began smiling. So after the service, we helped her with some money.

We went to a village called Dagbati and visited three nearby villages. We saw the hand of the Lord in action from the beginning of this mission trip. We left late for the journey and had and were unfamiliar of that region, and the local Rev Daniel Ghezo, our host, had to guide us via cellphone. We were late, lost, and in a rush to the point that the generator we rented for the event fell off on my motorcycle. But by the grace of God, we reached the village at 8 pm. Praise God, a non-Christian nearby, allowed us to connect to his power for a fee, and we can hold the campaign that evening

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