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Hope Adventure

To promote Positive Youth Leadership Development by exposing them to a cross-cultural and community experience. Hope Adventure is a Youth's mission and service engagement program through voluntary work. This is to provide recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities for children, youth, and families in the local community. In addition, we offer internship opportunities in various fields so that people can get experience with cultural understanding, international/local missionary work, and social change through service.

Target Group: Children with their family (ages 6-12) and Youth (ages 13-16)

Hope Adventure is a teen-focused leadership development program that provides youth with new perspectives on God, history, and community. We want our volunteers to gain a well-rounded understanding of various cultures and ethnicities, which will help them see the value in others. Their outreach will also come from a place of service, encouraging them to make sure that every child has an opportunity for success. Youth have many distinctive talents, and this can be used to help their communities and make them better. There are many aspects of our society where people can develop their potential. For example, one could be in sport, theatre, gospel, or charity. All these opportunities help to create confidence and increase leadership skills.


Hope Clubs for Children and teens

Hope Clubs are established in Africa by a network of trained local volunteers. Nearly half of the population on the continent is made up of young people. The youth population in Africa (15-24 years old) has risen from 133M to 246M. There are 41% of people in Togo who are the age of 14 or younger. They strive for a better future but are faced with many difficulties.  Our mission is to help, inspire, and encourage kids going through tough times.

We aim to give them hope for the future. Help them build skills for the modern world and show them the love of God. A Hope Club is a club run by young people for young people to offer hope, guidance, and encouragement for their peers. The children's clubs reinforce the education of children and promote their development, thus contributing to improving their well-being through games, songs, workshops or reading, Bible lessons, children have fun while learning and applying valuable lessons for their daily lives. They gradually appreciate their roles as future citizens and leaders. The whole community and parents appreciate changes in children's behavior as they become more responsible respectful for a better tomorrow.

Mission and Goals of Hope Teen Clubs:
  • Discipleship through ministry to children.

  • Transformation through biblical education.

  • Protect children from being recruited by cults.

  • Raise a new generation of God-fearing leaders.

  • Grow participants into local missionaries to plant additional clubs in Togo and other countries.

  • Helping to provide clothes and school supplies.

Ways You Can Help Our Hope Club Kid:
  • Provide Scholarships for families who cannot pay for their children's school expenses. Public schools in Africa are not free as they are in the USA.

  • American donors can adopt an existing Hope Club or sponsor a new club.


HOPE Challenge

A 1-2 week summer camp, a youth development program of HCI that aims to give youth career pathway exposure, youth mentorship, and community engagement. HCI aims to empower young people with hope, aspiration, and skills in entrepreneurship, professional careers, and business development through fun educational tactics in association with local and national business communities. Throughout the program, HOPE Challenge participants will gain experience in various professional fields. Participants will also gain knowledge about business development, mentorship, and leadership. The HOPE Challenge program strives to create new opportunities for participants. These skills are essential for any successful career in any professional field. Participants will learn about these key skills through various workshops and experiences throughout the program.


·         Build confidence and purpose in the youth.

·         Encourage youth to make purposeful and good choices as they grow up.

·         Help to diminish the youth unemployment rate.

·         Build good character and godly ethics in the youth.

·         Develop peer interaction skills by building by learning to work in a group.

·         Provide career exploration opportunities by associating with other professionals.

·         Help the youth to turn their dreams into a vision.

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