Training and Discipleship


I’Serving to bring the good news and creating sustainable development through discipleship of youth and children


Serving to bring the good news and creating sustainable development  to widows and orphans


Sharing the message of hope  helping to promote Water Hygiene and Sanitation  reduction of Neglected Tropical Diseases


conducted outreach initiatives in more than 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North  and South America, reaching an average of 1 million people per year through our various outreach programs

about us

HOPE Commission International (HCI), formerly Spring Forth Ministries, was founded in 2005 as a 501 (c)(3) missionary organization located in GA USA. Our mission is to be agents of hope engaged in creative evangelism, discipleship, and community development outreach to communicate God’s love to the nations, with the goal of transforming lives and restoring communities,

Mission Trips and Donors' Tours

Training and Discipleship

Community Development

Girls empowerment project in Togo

Embroidery and sewing apprenticeship program for dropout and underprivileged girls age 15-22, who want to aquire a trade and a skill

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GIVE TODAY TO HELP bring hope to nations

  •  outreach to children and youth

  • outreach to widows and orphans

  • community health  education and outreach

  • Mission trip and evangelism

  • training and discipleship program

  • ministry of reconciliation


“This trip is not a mission trip so that you can check a box off and say that you did a mission trip one time. It’s not a vacation that is called a mission trip. This to me is the beginning of a lifetime of love for other people and the desire to lay my life down and suffer so that I can give of what I have to others that don’t have. Hope Commission International is an honorable organization with a great leader. I want to do more mission trips, and I trust this organization, so it’s a perfect match for me.”

— Ryan from  Gibson, GA at the Haiti Mission Trip 2018

“This happened when we went to the nursing home. There was a woman lying in the bed alone in a room with Alzheimer’s. I was a little nervous to approach her, but she seemed friendly. I walked over to her and told her how precious and beautiful she was. Then I rubbed her hair and prayed a short prayer over her. She just smiled and her beautiful smile brought tears to my eyes. Throughout the entire trip so many different people served us selflessly. I feel like I gained more than I gave. So much was deposited in me and I feel like I have tangible things to implement in my everyday life .”

— Desaree from Lithonia, GA at Brazil Mission Trip 2016

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